26 січня 2015 р.

2015 spring studies at American Library

Dear readers,
We are glad to invite you on our spring studies course, which will take place during March 30 – April 3 2015. A series of lectures on Business topics will include three meetings: 1) How to be a Successful Manager, 2) How to be a Successful Public Speaker, 3) Business Idioms. All classes are provided in English. Presenter – Mr. Bill Kennedy. 

Mr. Kennedy is a retired US Government Senior Executive, Adjunct Professor in the MBA program at Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA), MD in Education from Johns Hopkins, currently teaching business related courses to ESL students at Howard Community College (Columbia, Maryland, USA).
To register for the event, email us: acl@ukma.kiev.ua
Where: American Library, Media Room. Kyiv, 8\5 Voloska Str., building 4, room 116. Tel.: +38(044)4173113.