31 липня 2014 р.

Book Choice - Friendship Day

The International Day of Friendship is a United Nations (UN) day that promotes the role that friendship plays in bringing peace in many cultures, international understanding and respect for diversity. It is observed on July 30 each year. This day we decided to pick books on psychology and behaviour as well as new social surveys and recent research on the effects of growing social isolation, as a product of contemporary lifestyle.

29 липня 2014 р.

Book of the Week - "Give and Take: A revolutionary approach to Success"

This week we picked a book that profound implications for how we manage our careers, deal with our friends and relatives, raise our children, and design our institutions. "Give and Take" will likely become one of the classic books on workplace leadership and management with surprising conclusions about how our interactions with others drive our success and happiness.

28 липня 2014 р.

Book Choice - Parents' Day

Parents’ Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday each year. The day aims to promote responsible parenting and to recognize positive parental role models. It celebrates the special bonds of love between parental figures and their children. Today we decided to pick books, guides and directories for those, who are planning to be mom or dad, and books that are helping to raise a child in today's challenging world.

Visit from Library of Geothe - Institute

American Library held a visit from our colleagues from Library of Geothe - Institute Ukraine.

22 липня 2014 р.

Book of the Week - "Getting More: How you can Negotiate to Succeed in Work and Life"

Negotiation is part of every human encounter. The key to getting more is a deeper understanding of each person's needs and sensibilities. This book offers tools that can be used by anyone in any situation - with kids, jobs, travel, shopping, business, politics, relationships, cultures, partners. Once you learn them, they'll always be there to help you meet your goals and make your life better.

15 липня 2014 р.

More new readings in American Library

New books keep coming to our Library and are already available for our readers) Among new items this time you can find: "Encyclopedia of the United Nations", "Webster's New World Encyclopedia", "Behind the Ballot Box: A citizen's Guide to Voting Systems", "Catch Phrases, Clichés and Idioms", "Facts about the Presidents from George Washington to Bill Clinton".

14 липня 2014 р.

Book Choice - World Population Day

World Population Day is annually observed on July 11 to reaffirm the human right to plan for a family. World Population Day aims to increase people’s awareness on various population issues such as the importance of family planning, including gender equality, poverty, maternal health and human rights.

11 липня 2014 р.

Book of the Week - "Michelle. A biography by Liza Mundy"

This week we decided on a book that gives a deeply reported, balanced portrait of the woman making history alongside Barack Obama. Liza Mundy describes in her timely and informative biography a complicated, often-ambivalent, and always independent woman who is quite different from her husband. This book is an enormously valuable source for the context of Michelle Obama's life.

New Titles Stand

Get an insight into our New Books stand. More summer resdings are waiting for you in American Library ) 

10 липня 2014 р.

Picture Display - History of American Library Kyiv

This month we decided to look back at some of the key moments in American Library's history. The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine transferred the library from the America House to Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in 1998. Since then American Library is a public library that provides services for everyone who is looking for information on the U.S. During our history we accepted many visitors from U.S. administration and establishment, as well as many guests from all over the world, who volunteered and helped the Library. Our readers are welcome to look at some of this moments )

9 липня 2014 р.

New Books - July 2014

New summer readings are already waiting for you in American Library. Among them: "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown, "Games for Learning American English", "The Ultimate Movie Thesaurus", "The Columbia Guide to Standart American English", "The Oxford Campanion to the Earth", "Encyclopedia of the American Indians" and many more )

1 липня 2014 р.

Viktor Kytasty American Library Calendar of Events July, 2014


Book Displays:

July, the  4th
Independence Day Celebration + picture display
July, the 11th  
World population day
July, the 28th
Parents' Day
July, the 30th   
World friendship day

Picture displays:
July, the  4th
Independence Day Celebration
July, the 11th  
African American Music
July, the 28th
The history of American Library

Film Sessions and discussions:
July, the 11th , 18th
Film Screening and discussion at 6 p.m.

Events for children:
Each Friday at 12 p.m.
Movies  for Kids

July, the 8th at 4 p.m.
Librarians’ club meeting

Each Thursday at 12 p.m.
Training on how to use e –resources and e -devices