19 березня 2018 р.


Dear Library Users! This year American Library celebrates 20 years! This year American Library celebrates 20 years. During this long period of time, it has been transformed several times, hosted different types of events on different topics. Here we met new friends and colleagues from different parts of the world. These collages are a very small part of depicting AL's history. We will share with you more very soon

14 березня 2018 р.


We would like to express gratitude to Professor Peter J. Henning (Wayne State University Law School, USA) for donating his book White Collar Crime. It is his second donation to our library, so, now we have very important materials for students and researchers who study law (especially who investigates corruption issues). The prosecution and defense of public corruption: the law and legal strategies book is already at the library 

Фото American Library Kyiv.