28 квітня 2016 р.

Students' Discussion Club - April, 28

Today American Library held Students' Discussion Club, tutored by Martha. This time we talked about our favorite films \ movie characters \ movie genre. Join our conversation every Thursday at 15:00 and share your opinion in English! 

26 квітня 2016 р.

Training: "3-D Scanning and Printing - 2nd workshop"

3-D Printing is one of the most exciting manufacturing processes being used today. The 3-D design and printing process gives you the ability to hold your ideas in your hand. 2nd workshop on 3-D Scanning and Printing will take place at American Library this Thursday (May, 5) at 12:00! We'll continue exploring objects that can be 3D printed.


American Library is CLOSED on the following days:
• Friday (April, 29) – Clean-Up Day
• May 1,2,3 – due to country-observed holidays
• May 7,8,9 - due to country-observed holidays
Happy Easter and upcoming May's Holidays!)

22 квітня 2016 р.

American English Webinar Series

Window on America Centers are glad to invite you join Webinars:

- May 4, 2016: "Hey, Kids! Let's Put on a Show!" Theater in the English Language Classroom. By the end of the workshop, you will have an enhanced understanding of using both small- and large-scale theater projects in your classroom. Ultimately, the process requires an interdisciplinary approach--combining language work, theater performance and culture studies.

- May 18, 2016 “Using Songs to Teach English”. Almost everybody in the world loves music! Our students love music, and we do too. There are so many ways that songs and music can help create a classroom that is happy, interactive, and intellectually challenging. This webinar will share a few of the best techniques. No musical talent necessary!

Please note that if you want to register for the webinar - send e-mail to the Regional English Language Office: SukhininaAV@state.Gov

Film Club - Friday (April, 22)

Dear Library users! Today (Friday, April 22) instead of discussion club, we suggest you to watch a movie from our DVD collection - "Election", staring with Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon! Start at 17:00! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0126886/

21 квітня 2016 р.

3-D Printing - Statue of Liberty

The fascinating process of 3-D Printing, - today at American Library we saw at first hand the action of printing of the Liberty Statue

Training on 3-D Scanning and Printing

Today American Library held Training on 3-D Scanning and Printing, as the result we now have a 3-D printed statue of liberty smile emoticon . The training was delivered by Yevgeniy, Volodymyr and Oleksiy - specialists from Smart Print Company. We discussed the history of 3D printing and basic principles of 3D printing and 3D scanning.

19 квітня 2016 р.

Book Choice - Earth Day

In honor of promoting environmental awareness and literacy for Earth Day, we've compiled this green book list. Celebrate nature's wonders and be inspired to make the world a better place. Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22, on which day events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

Motivational Club - April, 18

Yesterday American library held Motivational Club - an English Speaking Club, which helps overcome procrastination and doubt, manage your time and schedule effectively, face your fears and follow up with confidence, break through your comfort zone. Join us every Monday at 17:00 and share your opinion in English!

18 квітня 2016 р.

Training: "3D Scanning and Printing"

On Thursday (April, 21) at 12:00 - you are welcome to join Training: "3D Scanning and Printing"! To attend Training, please register via email: american.library@gmail.com

Today, with 3-D printing, we can print a lot more than just words and images. With the emergent technology, any desktop computer can output objects as simple as a ball and as intricate as a human bone. Printing in a variety of materials, from bendable nylon filaments to strong thermoplastics, these devices have gone from invention to adoption twice as fast as the photocopy machine.

English Speaking Club - "Human Library"

On Friday (April, 15) American Library held English Speaking Club. This time we gathered for a "Human Library" experience - an event where volunteers act as human books and other participants can ask questions. The Human Library is an international equalities movement that challenges prejudice and discrimination through social contact. Join us every Friday at 17:00 and share your opinion in English!

Training for Librarians

American Library's staff members took part in series of trainings on Web of Science by Thomson Reuters, carried for universities, researchers and librarians. The Web of Science platform is the search and discovery choice for 7,000+ academic and research institutions, national governments, funding organizations, and publishing organizations in 100+ countries worldwide.

15 квітня 2016 р.

English Speaking Club - April 15

Today (Friday, April 15) you are welcome to join English Speaking Club at American Library! This time we are going to have a Human Library! You do not know what it is? Come and get fun! Start at 17:00!

12 квітня 2016 р.

Motivational Club - April, 11

On Monday (April, 11) American Library held Motivational Club, tutored by Mila. This time we talked about gestures and non-verbal communication. Join us every Monday at 17:00 and share your opinion in English! 

11 квітня 2016 р.

English Speaking Club - April, 8

Warm spring gathering at our English Speaking Club this Friday was dedicated to the topic of relationship and finding the right person. Also we were lucky to be visited by Paul William Shickle, who delivered activities together with our tutor, Michael Kuzko! Join us every Friday at 17:00 and share your opinion in English!

Book of the Week - "The Land of invented languages"

Book of the Week - "The Land of invented languages" by Arika Okrent. Here is the captivating story of humankind's enduring quest to build a better language - and overcome the curse of Babel. Just about everyone has heard of Esperanto, which was nothing less than one man's attempt to bring about world peace by means of linguistic solidarity. And every Star Trek fan knows about Klingon. But few people have heard of Babm, Blissymbolics, Loglan (not to be confused with Lojban), and the nearly nine hundred other invented languages that represent the hard work, high hopes, and full-blown delusions of so many misguided souls over the centuries. With intelligence and humor, Arika Okrent has written a truly original and enlightening book for all word freaks, grammar geeks, and plain old language lovers.

8 квітня 2016 р.

Training on Web of Science - April, 7

Yesterday (on Thursday, April 7) American Library hosted training, delivered by Thomson Reuters representative, Pavel Kasyanov. The participants regarded all the possibilities of Web of Science platform, discussed the peculiarities of indexing and many more.

Omelian Pritsak round table - April, 7

Our friends and neighbors, Omelian Pritsak Memorial Library today held round table on the topic "Crimea in historiosophical heritage of Omelian Pritsak".

7 квітня 2016 р.

Discussion Club - April, 7

Today American Library held Discussion Club with our special guest - Mackie Chang, intern at the US Embassy in Kyiv.

English Speaking Club - April, 8

This Friday you are welcome to join:
Friday (April, 8) at 17:00 - English Speaking Club with Michael! This time we will have a "Speed English" session. Join us and share your opinion in English! 

6 квітня 2016 р.

Book Choice - World Health Day

Book Choice - World Health Day. The World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on 7 April, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO). The main goals of the World Health Day 2016 campaign will be to increase awareness about the rise in diabetes, and its staggering burden and consequences. This week we picked books on nutrition, fitness books, personal health books, medicine and immunity books.

4 квітня 2016 р.

English Speaking Club - April, 1

On Friday (April, 1) American Library held English Speaking Club with Michael Kuzko. This time we had a "debates" meeting, - a contest of argumentation between teams. Join us every Friday at 17:00 and share your opinion in English!

Conference on Scientific Communication in the Digital Age

Staff members of American Library took part in the 4th International Conference on Scientific Communication in the Digital Age, held on March 30-31 at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. The conference focused on the following issues: National and international projects of access to scholarly information; Scientometrics and bibliometrics for research activities evaluation; Academic journals: new publishing and distribution models; Open Access: institutional and thematic repositories, open access journals; Electronic resources and digital libraries: creation and using.

Book of the Week - "Family Furnishings"

Book of the Week - "Family Furnishings" by Alice Munro. This week we picked a book from the winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature - and one of our most beloved writers - a new selection of her peerless short fiction, gathered from the collections of the last two decades. Family Furnishings brings us twenty-four of Alice Munro's most accomplished, most powerfully affecting stories, many of them set in the territory she has so brilliantly made her own: the small towns and flatlands of southwestern Ontario.

1 квітня 2016 р.

Round Table - March, 31

On Thursday (March, 31) American Library held Round Table "How to add a journal to the Web of Science", moderated by Vice President Emeritus of Editorial Development and Publisher Relations at Thomson Reuters, James Testa.

Students' Discussion Club - March, 31

Yesterday (on March, 31) American Library held Students' Discussion Club, tutored by Martha. This time we had a guest, native speaker, U.S. Embassy Intern, Mackie Chang. Join us every Thursday at 15:00 and share your opinion in English!