26 грудня 2017 р.

Book Choice - Christmas

It's Christmas season! At American Library we have put together a collection of what we think are this season's best Christmas books, perfect for all tastes. Make Christmas special this year! Love reading. More photos here!

22 грудня 2017 р.

English Speaking Club - December, 22

Media literacy allows us to interact with the media and to be active citizens, it teaches us how to be a critical consumer of mass media, such as TV shows, newspapers, and websites.

Today, during American Library's English Speaking Club with Michael Kuzko we talked about Media Literacy with Dr. Magia Krause - Regional Public Engagement Specialist at Public Affairs Section (Embassy of the United States of America). More photos here!

15 грудня 2017 р.

English Speaking Club - December, 15

More does not always equal better. Placing every task, no matter how large or small, into a project plan results in a management nightmare. During American Library's English Speaking Club on a Friday night we talked about our projects and plans. Join us and share your opinion in English! More photos here!

8 грудня 2017 р.

Book Choice - Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day is a global celebration of volunteers. It takes place every year on December 5 to shine a light on the impact of volunteer efforts everywhere.

Volunteers are leading social change around the world. This week American Library picked books on leadership and human resource supervisory in managing projects. More photos here!

English Speaking Club - December, 8

Volunteering is a fun and rewarding experience, and a potentially life-changing way to make this world better! As part of our American Library's English Speaking Club series, we shared our thoughts on the merits and pitfalls of volunteering, and found out reasons why everyone should Volunteer! More photos here!