14 травня 2019 р.


Наукова бібліотека НаУКМА / Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Library received a very interesting book as a gift. Would like to know more - than read the information below.
На данном изображении может находиться: напиток
Interesting Kyiv (see in our catalogue )
The book includes 120 fascinating, concise articles about the most prominent symbols of the capital of Ukraine – from the official Lavra, St. Sophia’s Cathedral and Khreschatyk, to local tips and favorites, like minibuses or the savory pie “perepichka”.
Each article covers a two-page spread and includes a short description, an “avatar”, a QR-code with GPS coordinates, and, of course, beautiful pictures. The articles are written by locals, with the idea
that the book will be read by someone not acquainted with the reality of our city. In about 200-250 words, the authors tried to reveal each attraction.

Reading one article takes just two minutes, making the book a nice companion to a cup of coffee, or an easy read during a commute.
The book is hard to define. It’s not your average city guide, or a photo-album, or a phone directory. “Interesting Kyiv” combines it all; the owner of this book can skip buying a traditional guidebook or a set of postcards with scenes of the city, and even won’t need to check Wikipedia for details – all of the most essential and interesting things to know about the city are collected in this one book.
The editors took great care with the book’s translation – that’s why we asked John Bailey, British cinematographer and Cannes Lions Festival awardee, to review it carefully.
Note the book’s convenient format – it is small enough to fit into a purse, yet big enough to show the city in all its glory, with a large photo, not those tiny little pictures you usually find in travel guides.
“Interesting Kyiv” is not just a book, it’s a luxurious souvenir, made from quality materials: Arctic Paper G-Print coated matte paper, velvet lamination film, UV-coating, and an additional bronze dye on the cover. With thread bookbinding, the book opens easily and firmly – unlike most small-sized travel guides. It feels good to hold it in your hands, and it’s a wonderful present for a friend.
You can buy this book at the web site awesomeheritage.com
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