16 лютого 2011 р.

Let Me Be Your Valentine, part II

Today we hosted one more St. Valentine event for schoolchildren of Gymnasium #19. They performed the play about Pocahontas. Everyone of little actors has got a certificate, the best of them were awarded with funny valentines gifts. Kids also enjoyed solving a quiz, as well as writing and exchanging valentines cards.

14 лютого 2011 р.

Let Me Be Your Valentine

On February 14, 2011, we invited students of sixth and eighth grades of Specialized School #118 to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. Kids watched a short video about holiday history and its celebration traditions, performed the play about Pocahontas. Some of them recited poems about love. One girl read famost qoutes about love as well.

12 лютого 2011 р.

Mark Hejnar, US Embassy presented a 2009 documentary “Soundtrack for a Revolution” with Ukrainian subtitles. The film tells the story of the American civil rights movement through its powerful music - the freedom ...songs protesters sang on picket lines.

7 лютого 2011 р.

Friday Film Nights at the American Library

Cathy Gaupo, US Embassy, presented 2006 musical film largely inspired by the story of The Supremes, an African-American female singing group, that were the premier act of Motown Records during the 1960s.

1 лютого 2011 р.

Wi-Fi at the American Library!

We are pleased to inform you that the American Library is now Wi-Fi enabled and offers free wireless Internet access to its patrons. You are welcome to bring in your laptop or wireless enabled device and register at the Reference Desk for accessing the high speed internet facility.