28 вересня 2017 р.

Лекція "Комплаєнс як ефективний метод боротьби з корупцією в Україні"

Американська Бібліотека запрошує 5 жовтня на лекцію Антикорупційного Хабу  “Комплаєнс як ефективний метод боротьби з корупцією в Україні” . Аріо Дехгані, Радник, керівник практики комплаєнс на права ЄС, Redcliffe Partners  розповість про: Розвиток комплаєнсу на світовому рівні – коли саме він з'явився та який вплив він здійснює; Розвиток комплаєнсу  в Україні – проблеми впровадження практики комплаєнсу, Найбільш  типові практики використання комплаєнсу в повсякденній діяльності, урядова підтримка заходів комплаєнсу; Найбільш загальні системні проблеми комплаєнсу (контроль та культура); Найбільш поширені заходи комплаєнсу, які застосовуються органами державної влади та приватними підприємствами.

Приходьте 5 жовтня о 17:00 в Американську бібліотеку

Training - Academic Integrity - September, 28

Students will benefit from taking the Training "Academic Integrity" at American Library, which has been developed to provide a useful overview of the issues surrounding plagiarism and practical ways to avoid it.

Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your own, with or without their consent, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgment.

27 вересня 2017 р.

Training - Academic Integrity - September, 27

Academic Integrity is honest and responsible scholarship. As a student, you are expected to submit original work and give credit to other peoples' ideas. Maintaining your academic integrity involves:Creating and expressing your own ideas in coursework;Acknowledging all sources of information;Completing assignments independently or acknowledging collaboration;Accurately reporting results when conducting your own research or with respect to labs;Honesty during examinations.

Today we continued learning about Academic Integrity in American Library during a training for students, who only start their way in science and research. 


26 вересня 2017 р.

All about FSU Library - presentation by Renaine Jullian

The first Data Librarian and now - Associate Director of STEM Libraries at Florida State University - Renaine Jullian would be happy to talk about FSU Libraries at the meeting (on October, 11) by giving a comprehensive synopsis of their work. 

If you would like to hear about special collections, collections, digital scholarship, management, and leadership then - you are welcome to our library club.

 We encourage all library professionals to join us at this meeting!

WHEN: Wednesday, October 11, 17:00

25 вересня 2017 р.

English Discussion Club - September, 22

Want to practice your English? English Discussion Club is for ANYONE who wants to practice English in a relaxed setting. It is for anyone who wants to make new friends. We meet for informal conversations.

 All ages and levels of English proficiency are welcome, and every meetings is unique!  

Join on Friday, October 6 in American Library!) 

Image may contain: 5 people, people sitting

23 вересня 2017 р.

Training on "Academic Integrity" - September, 23

American Library continues Trainings about Academic Integrity - this time we learned how to find scientific journals and articles, how to work with them in Library and online 


22 вересня 2017 р.

Training on "Academic Integrity" - September, 22

Fundamental to the academic work is an expectation that you will make choices that reflect integrity and responsible behavior. 

Whether you are working on a problem set, lab report, project or paper, avoid engaging in plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration, cheating, or facilitating academic dishonesty. 

Today American Library held a second training on "Academic Integrity" 

19 вересня 2017 р.


International students often underestimate the amount of time required to apply for admission to a college or university in the United States.

"Start early, plan ahead, and know the application requirements" - these and many more important messages today we heard during our Training "Overview of graduate studies and application process in the U.S." by Justin Daniel. Justin Daniel is an Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs and Career Services in University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business (Baltimore, USA).

18 вересня 2017 р.

Training on Academic integrity - September, 18

Academic integrity is the foundation of university success. Today American Library held a Training about Academic Integrity for students, who only start to learn how to write their research papers. More photos here!

16 вересня 2017 р.

English Discussion Club - September, 15

We think we might need a bigger room to fit all of our English Speaking Club participants!))) On Friday (September 15) we were glad to meet more than 40 Speaking Club members, willing to talk to our special guest - Kelly Hoody with his discussion topic : "The Nations - culture, politics, economics, family and faith". Join us next Friday in American Library and share your opinion in English!) More photos here!

12 вересня 2017 р.

Documentary Film Festival at American Library

During Autumn 2017 American Library is showing documentary films.

Documentary Films are non-fictional, "slice of life" factual works of art - and sometimes known as cinema verite. For many years, as films became more narrative-based, documentaries branched out and took many forms since their early beginnings.

12/09 – “National Geographic: The Photographers”(1998)
19/09 – “March of the Penguins” (2005)
26/09 – “A flea market documentary” (2001)
03/10 – “Global Warming” (2006)
10/10 – “Motown” (2002)
17/10 – “Objects and Memory” (2008)
24/10 – “Woodstock” (1969)
31/10 – “Art 21” (2005)
07/11 – “A crude awakening – the oilcrash” (2006)
14/11 – “Super size me” (2004)
21/11 – “The incredible human body” (2007)
28/11 – “Surviving Everest” (2003)

WHEN: Each Tuesday, 17:00 - 19:00
WHERE: American Library Kyiv
(Kyiv, Ukraine, Voloska 8/5 street, (Kyiv-Mohyla academy building 4), 1st floor)

11 вересня 2017 р.

Film Club - September, 11

The September 11 (National Day of Service and Remembrance) is a day of unity and charitable service, annually observed throughout the United States and in other countries around the world on the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Today at American Library we gathered to reflect on the importance of sharing the stories of 9/11 with future generations and learning through films and media, while watching "World Trade Center" (USA, 2006).

6 вересня 2017 р.

Film Club - " World Trade Center "(2006)

On Monday, September 11 - join the Film Club at American Library. "World Trade Center" is a 2006 disaster drama film directed by Oliver Stone and based on the September 11 attacks at the World Trade Center. 

language: English with English subtitles

WHEN: Monday, September 11, 17:00-19:00
WHERE: American Library Kyiv

5 вересня 2017 р.

English Speaking Club at American Library - September, 8

Join us for English Speaking Club with Michael Kuzko - on FridaySeptember 8 - at American Library!

English Speaking Club is an awesome place for having fun, improving your English knowledge, public speaking skills, and finding new friends!)

Let's start this autumn together! =)
See you on Friday!

Do I need to register somewhere to join Speaking Club?
- No, Speaking Club is free and open to anyone.

Can you tell me what age the Speaking Club is?
- There are no Age Restrictions.

What if I just want to listen?
- You can participate in any way, but the fun part starts when you join the conversations =)

WHEN: Friday, 08/September/2017, 17:00-19:00
WHERE: American Library Kyiv
(Voloska Street, 8/5, 1st floor, Kyiv, Ukraine)

Enter: Free

2 вересня 2017 р.

English Speaking Club - September, 1

Best way to spend your Friday night - is to join English Discussion Club at American Library! We speak, we learn, we make new friends here! Join us every Friday! =)
Though your English teacher understands your English, your English Club friends will require you to speak more clearly and listen more carefully.