18 листопада 2010 р.

Nev arrivals at the American Library http://www.library.ukma.kiev.ua/amer/just.php

American Conversation Group

The group is opened to all American Library members and is faciliated by ZAck Witlin, Fulbright Fellow at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Tufts University`2010 B.A. International Relations and Political Science. The group meets once a week on Wednesdays at 5pm and covers topics related to American Culture.

17 листопада 2010 р.

16 листопада 2010 р.

Important Visit

November 15, 2010 Mrs. Peg Walther the IRO for Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Russia and Ukraine accompained by Valentyna Pashkova IRC Director, Natalka Yasko, IRS Assistant, US Embassy, Kyiv, Ukrainevisited the American Library

13 листопада 2010 р.

November, 13
If You Want to Study in the USA
November, 12.
Zack Witlin, Fulbright Fellow at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy presented the film, directed by Sidney Lumet about one juror who hold out against other eleven members of the jury in a case about murdering.

10 листопада 2010 р.

On November, 11 the American Library hold a meeting of English Speaking Librarians Club. Meaghan O`Connor, Programm Officer, IREX, Washington, DC presented us trends in US public libraries.

5 листопада 2010 р.

Friday Film Nights at the American Library

This time a 1989 American drama about tensions between minorities was shown. The movie does not tell its audience that black people are better then others nor does it says that HIspanics are, or white, or Asian. It just gives us a raw look what happens when we let racial quarrels get out of hand.
Heather Fabrikant introduced the film and lead an after film discussion.
We also hosted Starr Terrell Fulbright Scholar from University of Illinoise, Urbana Champaign, IL. He shared his personal experience as Afro-American in Ukraine. Discussion lasted an hour and a half. Everyone wanted to ask a question or share his opinion.

1 листопада 2010 р.

Novermer is Mark Twain month at the American Library.
The year 2010 marks the 175th anniversary of his birth, the 125th anniversary of his great work "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn " and 100th anniversary of his death.
We will observ it with book displays, films showings and classes for kids.