7 березня 2013 р.

American Law as Portrayed in American Films

On March 6 crime drama Donnie Brasco (1997) was shown and discussed. John C. Engstrom, Resident Legal Advisor ( U.S. Embassy - Kyiv) told the audience  that Donnie Brasco is based on true story of Joseph Pistone whose testimony resulted in hundreds of arrests within the New York Mafia in the late 1970s.Undercover FBI agent is taken under the wing of low level mobster and soon finds that the lines between his work and his personal life start to blur.
After film discussion lasted more than an hour. 14 American Library patrons watched the film and took part in discussion. One of the patrons admitted that
Pacino's fine work is the key to the film succeeding but it might be best remembered as Johnny Depp's coming-out party. A star -- check that, an actor -- is born. The audience liked this tense, sharp and compelling character study. Everyone agreed that Newell's film is a worthy addition to the Mob-movie canon. 

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