27 лютого 2013 р.

Since July 2011 American Library at NaUKMA launched a new program – Game Afternoon. This program aims to build and foster English language skills in a fun and competitive way. It was planned to hold meetings once a week on Tuesdays at 4p.m . But our patrons made their correction to the schedule. They are plaing wherever they got time for it. It’s nice to bring friends, family and spend an afternoon of fun in Media Room of American Library exploring our board game collection.

The American Library at NaUKMA has a collection of 15 board games. Recently we get 4 new games: Apples to Apples, Letter Roll, American Trivia Game and Qiddler.

These games were generously donated by the U. S. Embassy Kyiv.

After 18 months we like to share some statistics.

Some games have been borrowed only few times – Boggle, Quirkle, Jumbalaya, In Other Words, Great States. Another games were more popular: Thunder Stone, Word Racer, Word Shark, Amuze Amaze. They were borrowed up to 20 times.

Another grop showed better results:

Forbidden Island 20 times

Sort it Out 22 times

Scrabble 25 times

Clue 27 times

And the champion of the circulation is Monopoly. It was borrowed 120 times and we have students of economics ordering it online. May be should purchase another set of this wonderful game?

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