17 січня 2017 р.

Psychology Club with Jimmy Hill

American Library is happy to present a new series of meetings with our friend Jimmy Hill. Psychology Club is open to all students, readers and guests of American Library, who are interested in psychology. When: First Meeting - Monday (January, 23) at 17:00

Psychology Club will be tutored in English.
Next Meetings - every Monday at 17:00

Where: American Library (Media Room)
8/5 Voloska Str., building 4 room #116 Kyiv

12 січня 2017 р.

Winter School of leadership

Today American Library was holding an opening lecture and trainings for Winter School of leadership, social activism, social entrepreneurship, public communication and business English, provided for students displaced from universities of the ATO zone. Winter School was organized by Ukrainian Fulbright Circle, Fulbright Ukraine, Kennan Institute and The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. Today in American Library students received a know-how message about activism and brotherhoods in universities, doing research projects, starting students' startups.

11 січня 2017 р.

Film Club - January 2017

Dear library users, you are welcome to join our Film Club at American Library:
- Wednesday (January, 11) at 16:30 - "Pulp Fiction"
Wednesday (January, 18) at 16:30 - "Mrs. Doubtfire"
Wednesday (January, 25) at 16:30 - "Closer"
Wednesday (February, 1) at 16:30 - "Imitation Game"

9 січня 2017 р.

Book Choice - Happiness

January is termed as the most depressing and stressful month. For the entire month of December, there’s been lights, music, fun, presents and parties so it is not surprising that once the decorations come down, you come down too. This, combined with the tired, crappy feeling you have after weeks of overindulgence, makes for a bad start to the year. That is why we decided to bring out our favourite stories about happiness, love and friendship. We hope our recommendations will help you on your journey to fulfillment and happiness =)

28 грудня 2016 р.

New Year - American Library team

American Library team, our volunteers, colleagues, and friends wishing you – our dear library users, great holidays! May the 2017 bring you only joy, loyal friends and colleagues, happiness to your families, peace for our country, love and respect for each person. We wish you always be appreciated, loved, respected, and supported! Thank you for your loyalty, support, and great desire to receive new knowledge! Happy New Year !!!!!
with best wishes,
your American Library

27 грудня 2016 р.

Training on Web of Science - December 27

On Tuesday, December 27 American Library held a training about Web of Science — the world's leading source of scholarly research data. Our readers, students, researchers found out about Journal Citation Report, EndNote, ResearcherID. Presenter - Iryna Tykhonkova, PhD, Customer Education Specialist, Clarivate Analytics, Formerly the IP & Science business of Thomson Reuters.

Book of the Week - The Good, the True and the Beautiful

Book of the Week - "The Good, the True and the Beautiful: a quest for meaning" by Michael Boylan. Why should we be good? How do we know what is true? Do we really need beauty? This book asks crucial questions about who we are and what makes life worthwhile. Michael Boylan offers an accessible and stimulating introduction to philosophy, exploring issues to do with ethics, knowledge and aesthetics and how they relate to our everyday lives.