17 грудня 2018 р.

Discussion Club with Edward Kuzko

Christmas Books

Do not miss the opportunity to check out the most interesting books for the Christmas Holidays!

Film Screening December 19 at 4 p.m.

A screen version of a children's book of the same name about the extraordinary journey of a little boy on the magic train "Polar Express" to the North Pole to Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. 

A boy who did not believe in the existence of Santa Claus suddenly gets the opportunity to go by train directly to visit him, and he, taking advantage of this opportunity, finds new friends and gets a useful lesson. Heroes are waiting for amazing adventures on the way to the goal.

27 вересня 2018 р.

Happy Ukrainian Librarie's Day

Dear Colleagues all over Ukraine!
We would like to congratulate you on the Ukrainian Libraries' Day and wish you inspiration to handle all your tasks with enthusiasm. Enlight your visitors with knowledge and guidance. 
American Library @ NaUKMA

Entry to Kyiv-Mohyla Studies

Dear first year BA programs at NaUKMA students!
Please, note that the workshop #3 in the course of EKMS takes place at the American Library
We would like to ask you to look at your schedules and find out where we are before your lectures start.
Our instructors kindly ask you be on time as late coming may interrupt the lecture or plagiarism attitude scale test.
The information about your course can be seen here
We wish you good luck!

Clean Up Day, September 28

19 березня 2018 р.


Dear Library Users! This year American Library celebrates 20 years! This year American Library celebrates 20 years. During this long period of time, it has been transformed several times, hosted different types of events on different topics. Here we met new friends and colleagues from different parts of the world. These collages are a very small part of depicting AL's history. We will share with you more very soon